I am going back today to the guy that has the old equipment in storage as it is closer to his ending lease date for the storage before he gets rid of the stuff.
Ill try to get pictures of what is left but his date of the 15th is comming up quick and he will dump this stuff to someone to clear out the storage. I was asked by someone on here to see what else he had and they may interested in some of it so ill try my best to get some good pics.
There are many old hand tools there also so ill try to inventory and take what pictures i can......also for the fun of it ill make him some cheap offers to test how bad he wants the stuff out (he seems pretty desperate to move it out quickly
I personally do not have the room to store these types of machines (wish i did) but maybe someone else can save them if they are useful still.
The shipping would not be cheap im guessing as i live in California. But i agree that saving these old machines from giong to scrap is a great thing and they have been in a very dry storage...just covered with dust and such.
Ill try to post this evening when i can the pics etc - -