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Thread: Great magnetic tool holders

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    Great magnetic tool holders

    Before you toss any hard drives, break them open and take out the magnets.
    They all come with holes in them, makes them simple to mount anywhere.
    I put them all around, so I can just hang tools anywhere Im working, walls, sides of tables. They are some powerful magnets, and they work great!
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    I stick them to the side of my computer case and use 'em to store floppy disks. For some strange reason, I seem to get a lot of data errors, though.

    I haven't tried any disk drive magnets, but I have rare earth magnets stuck around the shop in various places to hold things like a wrench I use to adjust my bandsaw, or a chuck key on a drill press.
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    I don't have any of the hard drive magnets, but I have a friend that is an appliance svc tech, so he takes all the magnets out of any Microwave ovens they scrap and gives them to me. They are about 2" or 2 1/2" OD with about a 1" ID hole, and are VERY strong I sometimes break them in half and stick it where I need it. I have a hole one on the side of my DP that holds my Chuck Key, and others scattered around.

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    I've got a couple of old HDs waiting for just this, to harvest the magnets, but now, I have some old speaker magnets, they work well too.
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    this post reminds me that i bought a magnetic strip to mount near the lathe for turning tools. very shortly i realized that magnetizing turning tools and then resting them on a metal steady rest is NOT a good idea. i hated they way they dragged on the rest.

    yet i see photos occassionally of turners who are using magnetick strips to mount tools. i don't get it...must be missing something?
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