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Thread: Thoughts for Shaz and others...

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    Thoughts for Shaz and others...

    Sure hope Shaz and all our other "family members" in the path of Hurricane Ike come through safe and sound.

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    Hi Greg , Nice avatar!
    Thanks for the note. We just never know what cards we get dealt. Ike is a big boy. I will try to take some photos and if we retain power I will post them for you.
    You all take care, even in calm times unpleasant things can happen.
    This is "Shaz" Live from Houston! (at least for now)
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    Hey Shaz, best wishes with the storm to you and the others in that area! I'll keep you in mind!
    Never take life seriously. Nobody gets out alive anyway

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    Yes, Shaz, all the best to you and everyone in that area. We are waiting word on our rescheduled cruise which is supposed to be out of Galveston. But, that is a very minor inconvenience compared to the problems folks living there are facing.

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    Ouch! Ike!

    Hey, folks,

    Until I moved to Houston, I didn't know that the worst hurricane on record in this country hit that area back in 1900. At the time, the island of Galveston was 8 feet above sea level, and there was almost no warning system. The storm surge alone was like 15 feet. Galveston was way bigger then, I think it was even the largest city in Texas. More people died in that one storm than in all other hurricanes *combined* since then in this country. That one took a similar track: across Cuba, over the warm September gulf, and straight into Texas. Yikes!

    I remember, when I was living in the Heights in Houston, a tropical storm came through. We got 12 inches of rain in a few hours. The floods were incredible: I had elevated koi ponds in the garden, and the water came up so high the fish actually swam out! Houston is so flat the whole place became one big, shallow lake. Not a pretty site. That was the day I watched snakes swimming up to my porch looking for a dry spot, and saw boiling rafts of millions of fire ants floating by!

    So Shaz, Jerry, everybody else down there, our thoughts are with you. Let's hope it veers off course, and hits the piney woods instead...



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