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Thread: Spiral Fluted Vase

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    Spiral Fluted Vase

    Spalted Sweetgum, 8 1/2" x 5" finished with Deft Gloss Lacquer. I carved the flutes with the little spoon gouge from my beginner's carving set...a ton of work. I've got about 10 hours in this piece.

    I apologize for the pics but I didn't feel like setting up the light stands. I just used the camera flash, that's why the shadow.
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    That's kinda cool. Did you do the carving while it was in the lathe or on the bench?

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    Yeah! it is very cool.

    You must have spent a lot of time hand-sanding the piece.

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    That's a great piece, Cody. A lot of work, but I think the outcome was worth it.

    Good to see you're staying occupied while you chase oil rigs around the Gulf.
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    Thanks for the comments, guys.

    Ron, I carved it with it in my lap, sitting down in an old office chair I keep in the shop. I'm pretty lazy.

    Mo, it took about two hours to hand sand it. I wrapped sandpaper around a 4" length of 1/2" Oak dowel and went through the grits from 80 to 400. I did put it back in the chuck on the lathe to sand. With the head stock rotated 90 degrees, I was able to really get some elbow grease on the sand paper.

    Vaughn, I spent my two week hitch offshore running from Hurricane Gustav. We steamed towards the Bay of Campeche until it passed behind us. Then, I got home just in time to watch Hurricane Ike pass over my house...although it was only tropical storm strength by the time it got here. Still, I've got lots of leaves and small limbs in the yard and a folding lawn chair in the pool. No major damage, though. The power went out just after I put finish on a new hollow form so...I took a nap.
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    Cody I must say that is a beauty for sure. Looks like the work paid off. Well done. Glad to hear you are ok.
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    Cody! Dude that is some of the finest work I've seen.

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    Interesting vase Cody! Nice design! Never realized how much time it takes to carve something - my hands would be killing me!

    Glad you got through the storms! Always something! Looking forward to seeing that new hollow form!

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    Great work Cody! I like the way you always seem to push the envelope with your designs. Are most fluted pieces carved by hand? If so, I have a new appreciation for them. I just figured people used exotic router jigs for that sort of thing.

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    That's very nice! It's interesting to hear how much time it took, cuz I have been thinking I want to get into carving my pieces. Great work, and way to stick with the sanding! It may have been time consuming, but you did an excellent job!


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