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Thread: more shellac questions ...

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    more shellac questions ...

    hi all ,

    ok so i mixed up a 2lb cut of orange shellac flakes ..... now the next question : how many coats do i need to build up before i rub out the finish with pumice or rottenstone without the danger of rubbing through the finish ?

    i don't want to do that ....i am supposed to deliver this table to my daughter next sunday 9/21
    oh while i am thinking of it , can i use a clean rag to put the shellac on like you would with an oil finish ? or is that a no-no ?
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    what are you building today ??


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    Depending on your weather, you can get a lot of finishing in during a short period of time. Around here I wait about 30 minutes before sanding and applying the next coat. The point is, if in doubt, add two more coats. I generally do four coats of 2lb as a start (or more if I need to run a thin mixture due to details or large vertical surfaces) and then re-assess.

    For application, I use a piece of cheese cloth about the size of a cotton ball done up in a 'diaper' of lint-free cotton cloth (read; old t-shirt, baby blanket, etc.). The cloth spreads an even film and the cheese cloth core holds a good 'load' of liquid.

    For large table tops or other large horizontal surfaces I keep a squeeze bottle of shellac at hand a-la Jeff Jewitt. This allows me to reload without losing my rhythm. When doing large areas with shellac I like to keep a good amount of liquid working so it doesn't begin to set too quickly and keep a good forward circular motion going kinda like I'm waxing a car.
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