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Thread: Assembly Table

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    Assembly Table

    I'm still working on my new shop. I'll post more pix when I get a camera. Mine took a swim in the hot tub. Hopefully that'll be this week.

    I've started giving serious thought to placement of tools. Some of the decisions on that will be dependent on an assembly table. For those of you that have an assembly table, how big is it? What is the height? I was thinking about a 4 x 8 table but now I'm thinking that may be more than I need. Or do you use the assembly table for other things and therefor the large size is needed? My fear is that if I make it too big it's just going to end up as a junk drop. I did a search but all I could find is mention of assembly tables but not how big.

    On a side note, while doing my search on assembly table, I was getting a lot of hits on table but not so much on assembly table. Isn't there a way to search so the search only returns hits for "assembly table" and not "assembly" and "table"?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Barry Temple View Post
    ...Isn't there a way to search so the search only returns hits for "assembly table" and not "assembly" and "table"?
    Barry, if you use the Google Search option (instead of the vBulletin built-in search) and enclose the term "assembly table" in quotation marks, it'll list what I think you're looking for:

    Clicky link
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    Current one is 4' square and same height as ts. Next one will be alittle over 5' x 8' long. This will allow me to lay the sheet good flat and store them out of the way.

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    The draw back to a 4' wide table is you can not reach across it. The space is nice though. I cut mine down to 3' wide (more or less). I like 8' long but it also just gives you more space to pile up stuff. It's all personal preference.
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    I would build is a light weight torsion box & set it on top of 2 plywood boards notched to slide together to form an + which set on end makes the leg for each corner. You can have several length legs for different height assembles & the legs come apart & will hang on the wall & the tops set against the wall opening up floor space & the tops are nice & flat.
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    my version

    i went with a 4x8 ft as well and like jeff said its to far to reach across but the room is nice and i work at differnt things from each side. i used laminate on the top for clean up of glue.. one thing that i like about it is i can use a pair of 60 inch bessys for a loooong vise. need to drop in some dog holes yet.
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    My table is 4x8 and is 30" tall. It can collect stuff easy but works great for a sheet good cut down table. I put a sheet of mileme on top. I also use a 2" foam insulation on top when I cut sheet goods.

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    Space and Flexibility

    I currently don't have an assembly table, but years ago I read an article on an interesting system that I plan on employing down the road.

    The idea is that different projects will need different heights for assembly/finishing, i.e. you don't want to assemble/finish a highboy on a 32" table. Plus, most shops' floor space is at a premium. The design of the table is that of a portable and adjustable system.

    The table supports are simply boxes made of plywood, with handle holes cut into the sides. Each of the box dimensions is different. That way for any given project you can place the box on any one of its sides resulting in a different work surface height. The work surface can be any material you want, even a torsion box. You could design it so that the top locks onto the boxes somehow if you are concerned about stability. Also, you could have different size table tops for even more flexibility. You can set up the table anywhere, at anytime, very quickly. The article showed that if the support boxes (you can use as many as you need for proper support) are proportioned well, then there really was no problem with stability.


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    I have a Shop Fox 30" by 76" table that works well. Right now I have a document file, set of car floor mats, cardboard box holding misc. junk, Attache' case and VCR on it.

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    Hi Barry, I made a 4 x 4 torsion box that sits on a mobile base fashioned after the mobile work table featured on New Yankee Workshop. I made the torsion box with MDF and it has a replaceable melamine top. I also made it the same height as my TS and use it as a out feed table. I have a photo of the table in my shop tour post. Link:

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