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Thread: Tablesaw Question

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    Tablesaw Question

    I bought a Delta contractor tablesaw from someone that had closed down his buss.
    Question in the picture on the end of the table saw is a pc of wood with some angle metal attached. I am not sure what it is for or how it was to be used. Anyone have any ideas about it ?
    The table saw is a Delta 10 contractor tablesaw, Lesson motor-1hp, 110/220, and has a powermatic fence system attached..........
    Thanks in advance........Dan in calif
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    dan, i`m bettin` that was used to mount an outfeed table somehow.
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    Tod may be right and I would look to see if you can see any indication that legs or a table top were attached for an outfeed table. Also, since the fence is obviously an add on, not the same brand, it could be something left over from a makeshift fence system that you don't even need anymore.


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    I'm with Tod and Ken. Some sort of add-on and probably a support for an outfeed. Certainly not required for you to use the saw. Good score BTW, congrats.
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    Was most likely one of those super "Norm" devices from his "Tablesaw 101 classes". My suggestion would be to design your own auxilery fence or outfeed system and cobble some of the parts for your own. Each of us have an idea of the "Ideal" setup, so did the previous owner. Back it off to the basics and devise a plan of your own, it will always work better than the other fellow's.

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