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Thread: Update: Shaz in Houston and Ike

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    Thumbs up Update: Shaz in Houston and Ike

    Hi everyone,

    Just heard from Shaz-- the first time he's been able to get online since the storm, with power only restored at 4pm today. He's doing ok, not feeling well but unrelated to Ike.

    As you can imagine with knowing Shaz, he's been busy helping his neighbors, so the time passed quickly. Damage report: 70' of fence and some trees, but that's it other than the electric being out.

    Shaz thanks everyone for their good thoughts and concern. He will post photos as soon as he's feeling like himself again, just very tired from all the clean-up.

    Your reporter in the field,

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    Thanks for the update MJ. I know we were all getting worried about him. Glad to hear he is ok. Hope he will be able to soon report in himself.

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    Glad to hear you got in touch, and thanks for the update, MJ.

    Shaz, take care of yourself first...then the others. You can't help anybody if you're laid up.
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    Thanks for that MJ,

    Shaz, I'm thinking of ya, bubba. You be safe and well.
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    thanks MJ fer lettin us in on shaz'z situation.. take care shaz and eat plenty of meat and veggies
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    I figured we would be hearing from him about now. My sister settled in Houston after leaving Nola because of Katrina. She emailed yesterday too. She had full utilities come back on too.

    Funny story. She said power came on and seconds latter she hearD the guys in one of the other Apartments holler "FOOTBALL!!"
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    Each day, the revelations of destruction get more dramatic. Glad Shaz is well and good on him for helping others.

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    Glad to hear he's OK. Looking forward for his post again.
    Best regards,

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    my wifes cousin in houston still has no power as of tonight.

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    I talked to Shaz a bit earlier. He is fine. A tree through a fence...wind blew the fence down. Shop area was out of power as well...he was going to see how it looked. He actually slept through the storm...said the wind sounded like a car window not quite closed, but that was about all. Lots of "trash" to clean up, and he seemed a bit tired.

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