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Thread: Ike and all the troubles...

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    Ike and all the troubles...

    Ole IKE the hurricane left some Tropical Depression in the Ohio River Valley, this past weekend. I lost a Purple Plum tree in the back yard as well as some damage to Ma Ma's Miata top, when the TV antenna blew off the roof and scratched the windshield and roof. But I was so disappointed with the wood. I was hoping to make something from the wood from the plum tree but there was so much discoloration of the wood. Too bad it is so disfigured... what will I do? Fire wood? Oh well, Maybe if I bleach it out... Or stain it dark, what think you? Is it Trash?

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    Oh I feel your pain, look at that mess, not a straight piece of grain there to be found, the shame of it, I'd not even bother to burn it, looks like it would burn with crooked flames

    Just dig a hole and bury it...........
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    It breaks my heart to see you suffer with such horrible, horrible wood. Maybe some generous soul will trade you something good -- like pine -- for that stuff.

    Sorry about the Miata.
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    Well, maybe sumone couldbe forced to use it on one of those spinny things.

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    Bill, if you can't figure out what to do with that wood, just send it to me and I'll take care of it for you!!
    Nancy Laird
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    Sorry Nancy but I slapped on some Latex on the ends of the log, and added it to my "2do" pile of selected tree parts... Perhaps this winter I will find the time, etc.

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