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Thread: Auction Report

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    Auction Report

    Not sure where to post this so will just start it here. If it gets moved I will know I was in the wrong place.

    Got a note from a Eric, whom I have messaged with over at OWWM asking if I wanted to go to an auction. It was a complete liquidation of a General Contract business and they has lots of tools listed including some big power tools. I really am not looking for anything but you never know what you find at one of these so I went. Lots of construction tools, nailer's, painting equipment, ladders etc.

    Of special interest to us were several 1960ish Powermatic tools. 16" planner. 6" jointer. The big model 67(??) table saw. Swings a 14 or 16 inch blade. Eric knew way more than I did about these. And some other machines. Most all was 3 phase.

    The surprise was the 16" planer. Now there had a been a fire so the tables were rusted from the water but nothing else was damaged as far as we could tell. The planner sold for a whopping $375. No typo! That was the steal of the century! You pay that much for a Lunch box planner. Of course it does weight in at 12-1300 pounds too. I thought about bidding and then reselling it. Found out the buyer was willing to go $1,500 so just as well I didn't bid.

    Here some other prices.
    Powermatic table saw $425 (another steal)
    Powermatic 6" jointer $225
    Powermatic shaper $425 (The only one that sold near what it was worth)
    Delta/Rockwell drill press $75
    Delta/Rockwell 14" bandsaw $150
    HUGE air compressor $650

    I probably should have bought some of that because I could make money on them. But with the jointer coming I decided to pass. But I did pick up a belt/edge sander for $35. It was not something I needed but I could use it. And it was so going so cheap I started bidding on it. Got in home and plugged it up and to my surprise the belt even oscillates! Not sure that's intentional though. I figured it was worth that much for the 3/4 hp Dayton motor on there!

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    Those are the kinds of auctions that I like to go to. It's funny though that everytime I get to go there's some goof ball there that wants to spend more money than I do and I wind up coming home with nothing. But when I gets to go and there's nobody around that wants what I want it's easy pickins for sure. It amazes me what a Craftsman router or circular saw will bring. Those that don't know think that they are great.
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    This is the first auction I have seen that didn't go high. I think being a week day helped (Or hurt if your the seller). And I think the buyers were mostly contractors too. They weren't willing to overpay.

    Then again maybe it was the phase of the moon?

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