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Thread: Help build my shop

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    Help build my shop

    This is really premature as we dont even own an acreage yet, see this post for details on the land.

    My wife and I made an offer on some land last night and we were discussing our plan for the property. Ultimately well be building a home on the land but thats 8-10 years out due to our kids ages and our current homes proximity to the elementary school (2 blocks).

    My dream is to build a dedicated stand alone woodworking shop which would be 30-40 from the house. The land currently has no utilities so wed be laying out a lot more than just the building cost. My first question is regarding the construction costs. What would everyone guess a 35 deep by 40 wide building would cost in central Ohio? Ive told my wife I think we can build an insulated building, run electrical, dig a well, and install a leach septic system to the shop for under $50,000. The utilities would be sized appropriately for both the shop and future house. I realize there are a lot of unknowns in all of this but for those of you who have done similar things, am I in the ballpark?

    Im looking for input/suggestions on the shop details. My preference would be for the shop to have a poured foundation below the frost line and a poured slab floor. One item is that the building must be easily convertible to a garage. Wed also like to consider a small living quarters above the shop but this is definitely optional.

    Based on responses to this Ill be posting a lot more questions in the future.

    Wes Billups

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    Wes, my parents are sorta, (my mom mentioned it not sure what my dad thinks yet), considering doing something similar in the next year. Build a shop/garage on land and then live in their RV (and travel in it) while the house gets built. Putting a "studio apartment like room" in the attic would be a great option as well. Don't know about cost, but I'm sure others will chime in to help with your questions. Larry M. and Marty come to mind as members who recently built shops, and Tod E. just moved into an apt. built inside his shop.....loads of experience here. I'm sure there is an angle to poke fun at Ned B. here somehow, can't think of it right now.

    This should be a long and interesting thread.

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    First off - would you like to adopt me?

    35 x 40 - wow. That's a nice size. I'm with Jeff on this one - I'll be watching this thread closely.

    Some things that would impact the cost - how much and what will you be doing on your own? Will you pay someone else for a turn-key building, or are you planning on a lot of sweat equity?
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    what happened to making use of the existing 33x40 pole barn?
    I would think that making use of an existing structure -- if it is in good shape, would be miles cheaper.
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    I'm probably about 150 miles away, in NE Ohio. I'm guessing that from 'central Ohio,' you mean somewhere in the vicinity of Columbus, give or take fifty miles...

    The septic will probably run you about $15,000 ~ 20,000, depending on soil conditions, and your county's requirement. It'll have to be sized for the size of house you intend to build (Hint: build a bigger septic that you think you'll need, in case regs change, or you end up building a bigger house than initially planned.). Here in Mahoning County, a three bedroom house requires two 1000 gallon tanks in series, and 1100 feet of drainfield piping. It takes almost half an acre to install. My neighbor put in a new system a couple years ago, and it cost him almost $25K, but that included removing his old (45 year) system, too.

    Electrical run cost will vary, depending on the number of poles you'll need. I only needed one for a 200 foot run. Cost $500.00 four years ago. Wiring may or may not cost. Some utilities will run the lines - within reason - to the meter box on the side of the building at no cost, but others will charge you by the foot for it. Copper wiring is way up in cost lately, BTW.

    Underground wiring runs will be entirely on your dime, and can get pretty costly.

    Phone and cable will probably be run for free, assuming above ground runs.

    City water, or a well? Either way, the cost will likely be several thousand bucks. The well will be more, since you'll need a pump, and maybe filtration and softening.

    For the shop building - a pole barn could probably be done for around $20,000. Anything more elaborate will be upwards from there. A nicely done, Amish-built barn will likely cost around $25~30,000 in that area, and would make a much nicer shop than a pole barn.

    Overall, I'd think $50K for all might be a bit low. $60K might be closer.

    Good luck with having your offer accepted! You'll love getting out of the city!
    Jim D.
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    Take lots of money ,even more time and then add more ideas, which makes it thicker and then let set till it rises,, knock it back down rethink and then build but will change as you go.
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    For all that your looking to do, I'm pretty sure $50k would be low, even if your doing some of that work. Some of those costs could widely vary depending on the land you get (i.e. extra length on the leaching field, how deep for the well). Could help to ask when your looking at land to see if a perk test is on file with the county and ask the neighboring properties how deep their wells are. Let us know what you find...will be watching the thread as well...

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    Well first off, hope you get the property, and can then build your shop as you want it. get used to 'build it larger than you think!' comments. Best of luck!

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    My comment is the sooner the better for you & the kids
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    Quote Originally Posted by Art Mulder View Post
    what happened to making use of the existing 33x40 pole barn?
    I would think that making use of an existing structure -- if it is in good shape, would be miles cheaper.
    Quote Originally Posted by Wes
    I’m currently trying to get some more details on the cost of getting a well and electricity on the site. We’d like to do this sooner rather than later as there is an existing 33 x 40 pole barn on the land. Our plan would be to use the barn for storage and in a couple of years move my basement shop into the building. After this is all setup begin the house construction.
    Looks like that WAS his plan... Can we assume "building a shop" just means turning the existing pole barn into the shop...building it out? Maybe Not?

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