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Thread: Bonding ceramic tile to wood

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    Bonding ceramic tile to wood

    I'm building a small work table for the kitchen. The table top is 3/4 Birch plywood and will be covered with ceramic tiles. My question is this: do I need to seal the plywood and what type of cement should I use to bond the tiles to the wood?

    Thanks, DKT

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    I would use a mastic made for Ceramic tile. You can find it at the Borg(s) and most any place that sells tiles.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff Horton View Post
    You can find it at the Borg(s) and most any place that sells tiles.
    Sorry, never heard of Borg(s), but I'll try HD or Lowes here. How about sealing the wood with varnish, shellac or what else? Thanks for the reply.

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    for a long lasting bond screw down wire mesh to neekid baltic, float a thin(1/4"-3/8") coat of latex modified thinset over the wire to set your tiles in..
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    a non professionals opinion-
    I would attach a piece of thin cement board on top of the plywood.
    1/4 inch, screwed down, even nailed. Its good stuff for any area where water might be in play, and the tiles will hold to cement board, 5 times better than plywood.(I learned the hard way tiles dont bond to plywood, even though Ive only built outdoor projects with tile).
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    Get a sheet of the 1/4" concrete backer board and use thin set and screws to bond it to the plywood. Then use the thin set to bond the tile to the concrete backer board. That's what it's made for. A 3 X 5' piece is probably 10-12 dollars at HD or Lowes. Several brands out there. It's a pain to cut, but it will last. And no bonding or water problems with the substrate. Jim.

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