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Thread: Amer. Fab. Filter Bags - As Described

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    Amer. Fab. Filter Bags - As Described

    Its nice when things just work. Many folks responded about my AFF query with positive recommendations. Some recent price increases made me reconsider a cyclone solution that had been in the works for awhile (just waited a leetle-beet too long to purchase).

    So, for about $100:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    As described by members here and elsewhere; what a difference. You don't need anything sophisticated to tell whether or not there is an improvement, just your eyes will do ;-)

    Not my desired 'ultimate solution' but this will be a great improvement in captured particle size and air movement for a year or so. At the price it is way less than a penny per use. I can deal with that while I reposition my thinking on a more permanent solution. I felt it was important to not just make do with what I had for another year or so.

    P.s. Now that I have one in my hands I realize it could have been about 5" taller and the collar could have been only 2" high resulting in even more surface area. The recommended collar height was to clear the motor but the clearance was already there . . . oops.
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    Nice, ain't it?

    Mine sure made a big difference - in both noise reduction and efficiency - so I'm sure yours does too.
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