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Thread: Table saw repair question?

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    Table saw repair question?

    Got this table saw at the same sale as i did the bandsaw that i post about (Davis-Wells). It has a 3 phase motor on it thought and i cant use it at home. Wondering if a electric motor shop will swap me or give me credit toward on that will work?
    I will have to get one that lines up correctly with the pulley on the mounting plate - mounting plate does have some elongated hole cuts so there is a little room for adjustment.
    Any ideas on what size motor i should get for the saw ? I could wire it up either 110 or 220 but im thinking of 110 as it is in my garage and all the other stuff except the bandsaw and lathe are 220. I dont use it like i do my bandsaw and lathe but still could go either way.
    any thoughts out there ?
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    It's a basic contractor's saw. Most of them came with 1 hp, 3450 rpm motors. That's a pretty common size. You might be able to get one used or rebuilt for around a hundred bucks. I doubt your three phase motor will be worth much in trade.

    Not that I'm recommending it, but Sears sold tablesaws that only had 1 hp motors for may years.
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    This was posted in the Turning (lathe) forum. So I am moving it to the New Tools forum.
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