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Thread: Big Walnut Vase

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    Big Walnut Vase

    Here is my second segmented piece. Walnut (with a lot of sapwood). The shoulder ring is curly soft maple and the detail is orange wood. 23" tall 13" dia. Finished with DO then poly. I still need to rub it out to take down the gloss a bit. 496 segments I reckon. Haven't a clue what I'm going to do with it. No safe place from dogs and kids to display it in our house, and I doub't it would sell at the craft shows I ply. My super long hollowing tool sure came in handy. Thanks for looking, Barry
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    That is a beauty. I really like the wood and form. You might be surprised to see that it would indeed sell.
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    That's sweet, Barry. Very nice piece. I'm with Bernie...slap a price on it and see who bites. You might be surprised.
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    Beautiful. Must be very impressive in person, as large as it is. I'll betcha it is saleable, put a large enough price on it to attract the high end folks. Give it an arty name and then double that price.

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    Great looking vase Barry! Love the form and size! I would think your vase would work as a magnet at a show - pulling people in to take a look! I'm sure it would sell - just make sure the price is high enough to comp for all the time you put into it! Best of luck!

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    Yeah! this one should attract a big crowd.

    Amazing vase and impressive patience.

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    Wow! That is nice. The size that you took on for segmentation is inspiring.

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    Very very nice. Even thinking about doing a small segmented vessel makes me start sweatin and breakin out in chills. I don't have the time to have patients for something like that even on a small scale.

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    Thanks for the comments, all. As some suggested, I think I'll use it as a display at my booth that will hopefully draw in shoppers, put the price I think it's worth on it, and see what happens.

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