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Thread: Table Saw Mounting Bracket Question

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    Table Saw Mounting Bracket Question

    bought a used table saw and it had a 3phase motor on it (picture below).
    I removed it and would like to get another 110v for the home garage put on it. I am not sure where to go to get one that would mount back on the same bracket. The table saw is a Delta 10" Contractor and i have put pictures of the mounting bracket here also. I was thinking of the 1 1/2hp that someone had mentioned.........Any ideas on where to get one that will fit ?
    Thanks Dan
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    Your picture didn't post. The sure fire way to get a single phase motor to fit is to check the lable on the 3 phase motor for the frame type. You should be able to get a single phase motor with the same frame number that will bolt on.
    Of course, you may be able to adapt a motor to fit it by drilling a hole or two in the motor mount, or by making an adaptor plate.
    Have fun with it.
    If you hadn't thougth about it, i would encourage you to tune the saw up before puting it to use. Make sure the blade is perfectly parallel to the miter slots in the top of the saw, that the bearings are good, the arbor is straight, and your fence is parallel to the blade. When they're out of alignment, table saws can be frustrating to use and are much more likely to kick back.

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    Paul thank you for the comments i saw a craftsman 1 1/2 hp online that should fit well but ill look at the lesson 3 phase i took off of it to see if i can tell from the label as you suggest.
    i suppose i could drill it out or make the adaptor plate which is a good idea to.
    On the tune up thanks ill do that to and i have done a couple of things you mentioned........thanks Dan

    ill try to upload again......
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