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Thread: Dowel pins versus screws

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    Dowel pins versus screws

    I have a choice between using dowel pins or screws to fasten wood together. Time is about the same, pilot hole versus dowel hole, cost is negligible, maybe pennies. But how about durability and strength? Also I have had screws go into wood at an angle and come out on the side. Granted that was a sloppy pilot hole, but it happens. Any opinions?

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    kinda depends on the piece your building and what the looks should alot of old furntiture theres screws everywhere but then in others there are none..
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    I like dowels, looks, strength and they, being wood, are part of the item.

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    Like was so honorably said before, depends on the piece. I prefer non metal fasteners, yet quick and ease of assembly drifts toward the almighty screw. when ever possible I opt for non metal fasteners, Screws are quick and easy (am I redundant?) Six of one and half dozen of the other.... unless you account for personal preferance.

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    Are they going to be in shear or tension?

    If your trying to shear the dowels in half then no problem most times. If it is trying to pull itself apart or your need the screws to pull it together that is another thing to consider.
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    I use screws with plugs to cover it. If finished well, you don't even see it. Taking it apart is going to be difficult, but then again, I'm not planning on that!

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    Depends what you are building and, like Jeff says, what force you are trying to counteract. I make millions of screwed connections because the stuff I make is subject to weather and therefore subject to movement in all directions. If I was making for indoor use I would prefer dowels where possible. Sorry that this isn't a definitive answer but that's probably because there isn't one.

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