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Thread: Spalted Elm Bowl and Redbud HF

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    Spalted Elm Bowl and Redbud HF

    I leave tomorrow evening for another two weeks offshore so this is the last of my turnings until I get back home. Tomorrow I clean the shop and probably mow the yard before leaving.

    Both of these are from that wood score I posted about.
    The spalted Elm bowl is 3 1/2" x 9 3/4". The Redbud HF is 4 1/2" x 6" with a Mesquite collar. Both are finished with Deft Gloss Lacquer.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Spalted Elm Bowl 1.jpg   RedbudHF 1.jpg   RedbudHF 3.jpg  

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    They both look real nice, Cody. Lot of cool stuff going on in the wood on both pieces.

    The HF has a bit sharper curve on the shoulders than what you usually make, but then again, if they're all made the same, things get boring pretty quickly.
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    Hey Cody!

    I love the form and figure in your pieces!!! Your work is just great!

    By the way -- while you're offshore this time, try not to stir up another storm!

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    Cody those are some fine pieces. I like the form on the HF. Wood on both looks great.
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    That wood from the haul turned out great. The HF is really nice, but I love the spalting in the bowl. It really catches my eye.

    Be safe while on duty.
    Lee Laird
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    Yep, both of those are really nice, but I do really like the bowl, the spalting is sure nice, adds a lot to the piece
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    Mighty fine. Good luck on the offshore duty. News has it another storm is cooking up over Jamaica now.

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    Amazing stuff Cody. Great work to aspire to for us newb's!
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