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Thread: How I square ends up

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    How I square ends up

    Not having a decent table saw I always used by electrical hand saw with a straight edge clamped sqaure to cut the ends of boards sqaure. It is a lot of effort to move the straight edge, and to get it square.

    So I got this idea for boards up to 180mm (7") wide. I took the giude plate and front handle off of my Infinity coping sled, and use that with a flush trim bit, with the bearing at the bottom, to cut ends sqaure.

    Because of the direction of rotation, you also get a very clean cut with no chips, and setup is fairly quick.

    See below.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Routers are very versatile. I use a handheld router with homemade tee square for squaring the ends of boards and cutting dados and rabbets. The one square that I made has the tee part wide enough to screw on a stop for doing blind dados.

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    Great idea there using the squareness of the coping sled to square the work.

    I've several times had folks question the need (or want) of having a miter slot in a router table. Squaring work pieces is an excellent reason. As long as the fence on the miter gauge is square to the bar of the gauge, and thus square to the slot, it will make a square cut on the workpiece passed through the bit. Just an option you might consider, especially if you need to work with pieces wider than your coping sled.

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