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    New stuff

    The bowls are my first with no one over my shoulder, Sugar maple and 2 Ambrosia Maple. The one with the redwood bottom was the second time I blew a bottom out so I was determined to fix it...please dont look to close. The hurricane lamp is walnut. As always...suggestions please!!!
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    Looking good Jim!

    I think I'd want the base of your lamp to be a bit wider and the over all size taller. Now, to my eye, it looks unbalanced, the base is so much smaller than the chimney.

    I found these classic examples...........
    Click image for larger version. 

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    I would worry about tipping with the small base you have.

    The wine openers are on the large size, but you would surely be able to get a good grip on them

    I think your bowls are great, and the one with the redwood bottom, GREAT save

    Keep them coming, I've not even had time to go look at my lathe, let alone turn anything

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    I really like the two Ambrosia Maple bowls and that was a great save with the Redwood bottom. I've done that a few times myself.

    Like Stuart, I think the bottle stoppers are a bit on the large size but then again, I've never made any and I'm not a wine drinker so what do I know.

    Thanks for showing the pics.

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    Clever fix. If you didn't tell about the blow out, folks would think you were a talented designer. The center and right bowls have great finishes. Can't tell on the left.
    Bottle stoppers look fine to me. Many folks think they are used when saving wine. But, they really are to be used between pours. It's agin the law to save wine, yer supposed to finish a bottle once opened. So, a big, easy to grab knobby is just fine. And it shows off yer work.
    BTW, the 'finish law' doesn't apply to 3 & 5 liter boxes and jugs.

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    I think we've all mis-measured a bowl once or twice. Well saved, I like the rim detail on the left bowl, the wood is gorgeous too. I suggest you keep up the good work.

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    Jim those are some good looking pieces. I have never made a funnel since I started turning. Not. Nice fix on yours.
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