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Thread: A few new ones

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    A few new ones

    Just took some pics last night before packing all my wares up for my first show this weekend. (forgot one of the booth, will get one at the show). The one on the left is locust 7" X 6" with some flutes done freehand with a dremel tool. The one in the back right is bur oak with a 2" wide hole drilled out on the lathe. The natural edge in the front is elm about 6" X 5.5". The interior was very punky and I couldn't get it smooth at all so I torched it and then sanded it back, going for that "natural/primative" look.

    Comments and Critiques anyone?
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    The fluting is a neat touch on the locust piece. As I've mentioned on another one of your bowls, personally I'd like to see the outside curve mimic the inside curve a bit more. (But that's just one guy's opinion.) The NE bowl looks cool, but I think I would have sanded longer on the inside to get rid of the circular tool marks. (Once again, just one guy's opinion.) The outside form of the bur oak looks nice to me.

    Good luck on your show, Jeff. Knock 'em dead!
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    Great job Jeff! I do like the fluting on the one piece. The bowl looks great too. Good luck at the show.

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    I think I would like to see the interior of the fluted bowl a little deeper. Perhaps following the exterior shape as Vaughn mentioned. To me, and everyones taste is different, it looks unfinished. I don't know, but for some reason I think if you put a couple of marbles in the top for display, it might look more like it's supposed to be that way. I will be extremely interested to see how your stuff does at a public showing. Please report back with the crowd reaction.



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