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Thread: chillin out...

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    chillin out...

    Got a new laptop from the home office today, and the fresh browser install had the internet radio link in the fav's.... so I tried them out... and am now chilling to some very nice jazz/big band, thinking of my first woodworking mentor. Lew was my 2nd cousin, and he always had Big Band jamming in his shop whenever he was home.

    Here's to ya Lew!

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    I never really cared for big band music on the radio that much.

    Years ago when on vacation, I had the opportunity to stay at the Queen Mary Hotel in Long Beach, Ca.
    The entertainment up on deck the first night of my stay was a really big, big band orchestra.

    I has hooked!

    That rhythm and beat just invaded my body right down to my legs and feet.
    I'm not one to jam or move to music, but that night it was impossible not too!
    all the people on deck of the ship were "alive" jammin and a jumping to that big band sound.

    I was fantastic, an experiance I will never forget !
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    I was not much of a big band fan until I had a chance to play in a few in high school. Even though my instrument (guitar) was not very prominent in most big band arrangements, it sure was fun playing with a good horn section.
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