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Thread: Tires Got Slashed.....Depressed

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    Tires Got Slashed.....Depressed

    I really need to get this off my chest right now. I woke up this morning to find that all four of the tires on my wife's car were slashed. We live on a city block where nothing usually happens, but crime is not uncommon. From that standpoint it's not surprising. But our car was up in our driveway, not on the street, and all four of them were punctured. Not what I would call a 'random act'. Yet there is nothing that has ever happened with our neighbors that would warrant this kind of reaction. The first two years at our house have gone so smoothly until this summer.

    It's so discouraging. We have a very low income, and this is a loner car from my father-in-law. He will be covering the cost, but this isn't the first time this car has been damaged when parked overnight. I feel like every time we get back on our feet we keep getting kicked back down. Events like this just bring anxiety and paranoia into everyday life, things which I struggle with in the first place.

    I am feeling so crummy.


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    Take the high road. It's hard, but in the end you are a happier man. Hopefully your neighbors are not behind this, and I am assuming a police report has been filed. Never know if that will prove to be relevant down the road.

    Meantime, rejoice in the friends you have, especially here. I can very much relate with low income and getting knocked down just when you think things are improving. Hang in there.

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    I'm sorry you had that happen to your car. Sounds like a certain group of kids have reach "that age" around your area this summer. We'd all prefer random acts of kindness but it seems the bulk of what kids are exposed to teaches the opposite.

    Please don't give in or lose hope. Vent when you have to as this will help you keep your balance. File a report because if nothing else, it will increase a number in a column somewhere that may cause a better decision by those who pay the police and install street lights.

    Look to the simple things you have that many others only hope for. I've been at opposite ends of the spectrum more than once and expect a return trip or two before I'm through. I'll be thinking about you; as Carol said, hang in there.
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    Ditto what Carol and Glenn have already said. This kind of thing can make you very angry and cause you to loose faith in your fellow man. Don't give up!
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    What Glenn and Carol said Matt.

    It truly sucks.

    Here in Tokyo, years ago, I had someone do that to my motorcycle, my bike was parked on our land, off the street covered, and the bike was NOT loud, nor did I ride like a nutter, just someone who went after my bike

    Tires were about a week old, $500 in tires down the tube.

    Never did figure out who did it, the cops did not care, but I heard back later that around my area, about 10 bikes had their tires slashed in one month.

    I feel for you, but there is really nothing you can do, but report it, and then move on.

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    Yup, I have to agree with those who recommend venting when necessary, but leaning to the good sides of life whenever possible. Hug your family, wave "hi" to your neighbours, you will feel better.

    How do I know? ..... I used to own my own small engine and equipment company. I started it in 1991, sold it in 2001 and retired from it last fall (to work for myself again) Here's the list with approximate years:

    1992 : truck through a garage door of store/shop - four snowblowers stolen
    1992 : front door ripped open : four each of chainsaws, generators and grass trimmers stolen
    1994 : attempted break-in by an escaped convict at my home garage - ex-con rearrested at gun point in the middle of a local road.
    1996 : front door ripped open - nothing stolen (chainsaws were well anchored) - cost to repair door - $800
    1998 : locked landscape equipment trailer stolen - cut lock and chains left behind on the ground
    2000 : garage door pried open at newly purchased store/shop - nothing had been moved in yet, so nothing was stolen
    (2001 : sold my company at this point, but stayed to work for five years - still own the building)
    2004 : front door of store ripped open - interior security barrier stopped them
    2004 : having seen the barrier, they came back properly equipped two weeks after the above incident - ripped open the door - cut through the security barrier - cleaned out the store of all the new Stihl brand equipment

    Every time we were violated we had to ante up the deductible on our insurance or pay the repairs ourselves depending on how much the damages were.

    Yup - I know how you feel .... chin up there lad ... it gets better

    cheers eh?


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    Cant compare

    i have been up and down as well matt and this family here is on your side,, keep yur chin up and i am in the same state and within a hour of your place so if you want to chat or complain in person i am here for that too.. i got broke into last year and they stole alot of tools and my bow which was my third arm... one week before opening day... so i know the violated feelings well.. but it does get better we can prevail together,,there are more good guys than bad ones we might not all look purty but we got good hearts
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    Cheer up Matt. These things are part of life and beyond your control. There are people in this world who are starving and they don't have a roof over their heads. Instead of stressing yourself, think of all the things that you are blessed with, like your family and health etc.

    Hey, I know a great way to release stress...................Woodworking. Give it a try.

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    Everybody has given you some great advice. We all need to vent every once in awhile.

    Question: Do you have access to a video camera? if so I would video the car & you might get lucky & catch the culprit & make them pay for any & all damage.

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    I been there and still fume over it if I dwell on it. Its hard not to dwell on it but realizing it's thing(S) and not people that were damaged is the bright spot I learned to try and dwell on. What we all want to do is not let the things that happen to us define us, but the things we do define us. It not always easy but it is always worth the effort..


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