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Thread: Euro hinges for beginners - part I

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    Euro hinges for beginners - part I

    Good day

    I would like to share with you my "amatorski" way of installing Euro hinges (the correct name is - Concealed hinges).

    There are many types and shapes but, I deal only with the 3 basic types (keep it simple)
    Full overlay
    Half overlay

    I don't use "Face frame" so, I don't have any knowledge about them.

    As you'll see, I'm not using any jigs just make the 35mm holes where ever I want and than, fit the door to the cabinet wall.

    The normal hinge position is some 100mm (4") from the door top and bottom edges but you can deviate...

    The distance of the 35mm hole should be 3~6mm (1/8"~1/4") from the door edge...I selected 4mm (5/32").


    [Continued in Part II...]
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    Glad to see ya

    woke up this am niki and posted a nother good idea and method of doing something, now you dont always have to work you can just have fun with us too
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    Thanks for posting this, Niki. Great stuff. I added a link to Part II of the tutorial at the end of your post.
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    More great stuff from Nikki

    Thanks so much, these are great tutorials Nikki
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