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Thread: Router Bit question

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    Router Bit question

    I was getting some shop time today and working on new door for my shop.
    I made a frame with pocket screws and covered it with 7/16 OSB. I bought a Porter Cable 1/2" straight flute flush trim router bit. This is the first time I had used this bit. I slapped that bad boy in the router, made double sure the collet was tight and commenced to trimming the OSB to the frame. The thing was cutting great across the 42" width of the door and up 80 of the 86" of the height. Right near the end it starts pushing harder but still cutting. I get done and look at the door and the last 6 inches I was cutting into the door frame. I check the router and sure enough the bearing is missing. As soon as I saw the missing bearing the light bulb went off over my head, "Ya know I remember a post on Family Woodworking about checking the bearings even on new bits before you use them". Why couldn't I remember that 3 minutes earlierer. Any way I found the bearing and washer but not the screw. Does anyone know what this screw specs might be?? I hate to loose a brand new expensive bit (that I still need to use) and can't afford to replace at this time.

    Any Help from the great knowledge base here would be appreciated.

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    I use whiteside bits and their website is very good about listing their parts. I would probably just take the bit to the local Fastenal store and try to find one that fit. You can also check the parts website for Porta Cable (, although I just tried it and it did not seem to be working right now. You will need the model number for the router bit (can be found on the Porta Cable site). I have not used the service net site for something like a router bit, but you could give it a try.

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    Most fastening screws and nuts on router bits are interchangeable between brands. CMT and Whiteside have little repair kits with a selection of fasteners and washers.

    Hartville Tool sells the Whiteside. Highland Hardware sells the CMT kit.

    Gary Curtis

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    Thanks for the ideas. I tried another router bit bearing and screw but the only other bit with bearing I had was a Craftsman and it was smaller. I tried the, nothing on there site. I email the contact us and got there automated response but nothing after that.

    I will try and go to Fastenal but the closest is 45 miles one way so it will have to wait until I head that way.

    Thanks again.

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    I know the cow is out and you've already noticed the door is open and all that . . . I just recently picked up a selection of bearings, shims, washers and screws. Like you, I got caught in the middle of something without the tools to help myself.

    The kits are sometimes pricey but you can assemble your own for a little less. My point (and I do have one) is that I considered these kits a "nice to have" but have come to realize they are just essential support items for my router bits.

    P.s. don't forget the bearing lube. ;-)
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    I wonder if this would be a good place for some loctight. Of course that bearing would not be replaceable any more. I think on a flush trim bit that wouldn't be a bad thing.

    That dang bearing coming off could ruin a project.. like a garage door or something.

    This has happened to me before. Mine was mounted in a router table though. That thing flew off so fast I didn't even notice until it was too late.

    Note to self: Check bearings on router bits when I get home.

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    Well I would just like to update the post on my solution. I finally made it to the orange borg and was looking at other router bits to possibly share the bearing and screw. I found exactly what I was looking for.

    I found a Porter Cable Bearing repair pack for about $15.00. Brought it home and it worked fine.

    Broken Bit

    Repair Kit

    Fixed bit

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    I never knew that kit was out there Ralph. Thank's for the follow up.
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    Thanks Ralph for this post. I also had a similar experience and put it down to my own stupidity. I found the bits so I was lucky and never thought anything of it. But your post has made me aware of the need to check all bits and next time I am at the local tool store I will invest in one of those kits.

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