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Thread: "Cording" the "Cordless" drill

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    "Cording" the "Cordless" drill

    Good day

    On another post, Jerry Evans noticed that I'm using the flashlight battery to power the "cordless" drill...

    I'm known as a junk collector....and cheap. I didn't want to trash the drill (actually 3 drills) but to buy new batteries...well, sometimes a new drill will cost less...

    So I bought a 6V and 12V "Sealed Lead Acid" battery that they sell for kids toys (cars, motorcycles and alike) and connected the 4.8V drill to the 12V battery...I said to my self "If the motor will burn-out - nothing to lose"...and since than, it works like that already 12 years (first 12V batt. died after 10 years of usage).

    I'm using the same 12V batt. also for an originally 18V drill and it still has enough torque to screw a 3/16" dia - 2" long screw into a pine without drilling a pilot hole and, for a 9.6V jig saw that got "extra power" and works even better and stronger.

    When I'm screwing small screws - like the ones for the door hinges, I'm using the 6V batt. for lower speed (I don't need so much torque).

    If you'll use the "Crocodiles" to connect the drill to the batt., you can connect it even to your car battery...

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    The strap is very useful
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	B11.jpg 
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    In the garage, I'm using a transformer/rectifier that can supply 12V up to 300W (or 25A)
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Batt07.jpg 
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    The charging station...all the chargers are connected through a timer that I set to charge at night so, at the morning, I get "cold" battery ready to work
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Batt10.jpg 
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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Batt Drill Saw.jpg 
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    Nikki, I've said it before and I'll say it again......

    "You are my hero!"

    That is just great, necessity if the mother of invention, and you just got to be her favorite son

    Hats off to you my friend, you have done it again.

    I've got two or three old dead battery drills laying around, and I have a 12V Jell Cell batter that is about 5cm x 8cm x 10cm that would be perfect for this application and the one drill I have is a 12V drill

    Now I just got to get this darn leg healed up and I'll have another cool thing to do, to add to my list

    Thanks Nikki!
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    Thank you so much Stu

    You can find those "Car wire connectors" almost in every Home-center... I bought all of them in Japan (180 a pair...if memory still serves) after I realized how useful they are.

    I used 1.5mm~2mm thick wires (AWG #12) for the longer cord drills.

    I made the cords long enough (2.5m or 8 feet) to reach the center of my garage (when I use the transformer) but this length, is good also when I work on high places - I just leave the battery on the floor or hang it on the ladder.


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    See i told ya

    you got some many thing up yur sleve that you forgot about that one till someone caught ya go for it niki next thing your gonna show us how to take care of our shop dust a better way
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    Way to go Niki. This is pure ingenuity. You must be one of the greenest woodworkers. What a good solution to recycling power tools. Send this in to Wood Magazine as a shop tip. It sure deserves recognition.

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    Thank you

    I don't have many things "Up in my sleeve"...I just didn't think that somebody would be interested but, when Jerry asked......

    Oh, and I'm not a "dust fanatic"...if I didn't want any dust in my garage, I would stay home
    But I do clean the floor after work...just to see that the floor is not sinking.

    I did post it in Wood Magazine "Top shop tip" forum but, it looks like they where not "excited"....recycling old tools is not good for the business you know...


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    what a great post....just what I was looking for ..I too hate throwing good tools away....I am sure the guys on the forum are all looking for the tools to do this again I say great job and I thank you
    my posts dont show it but I am always here ....learning mostly...

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