I'm not sure if this is the correct category for this post but, if not, I'm sure someone will move it. First, I am in no way connected with this operation, so I'm not a shill for them.

For those of you who live in Maine or who order lumber online, I found the LazyP Ranch quite by chance on the web. I went up there today to take a look around and left with 8.5 BF of white ash (surfaced and straight-line ripped) and 2.5 BF of cherry for a total cost of $25.00. These were shorts which is fine with me and the owner jointed and surfaced them while my wife and I waited. Very small operation, very friendly and helpful owner.

He offers only Red Oak (regular and quarter-sawn), cherry, maple, and white ash. This is essentially a one-man operation with a woodmiser. His website is www.lazypranch.com (right now, it isn't working with Firefox, only with IE). I think you'll be quite impressed with the prices and I am impressed with the quality of the wood I got today.