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Thread: Lowes Bessey Deal

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    Lowes Bessey Deal

    Some deals still exist on the old k-body's.

    The Lowe's by me moved their old k-body's to the clearance rack a couple weeks ago when the Revo's arrived. They had some 40's and 24's marked down, $26.99 for the 40's and $19.99 for the 24's.

    I asked if there was anything extra special they would do and they said no. I had had purchased some 24's, 40's and 50's at Rockler during their mark down sale.

    I stopped back by today and they still had them. I asked the guy if they were ready to deal if I purchased them all. He made a call and told me $110 for all 7 that remained. I told him to load them up. I ended up with 5 24's and 2 40's for $15.70 each. Not a bad price.

    Required picture attached.


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    Very good score
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