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Thread: Almost Hollow Form

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    Almost Hollow Form

    This was my first attempt at a Hollow Form. As you can see it had a decent shape. All things were going well until it blew...

    But as you can see I was able to salvage the HF into a bowl. This is Spalted Maple and is about 7" round and about 2.75 inches high. My first Poly wipe on finish.

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    Wow, hollow or not, that's some pretty wood. Sorry it didn't turn out like you'd planned, but it's still a great save.
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    Nice Save!

    I think we have all done that a time or two

    Your bowl certainly is a nice way to make a mistake
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    I wish my mistakes came out like that. Beautiful stuff Jon!
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    I thing the wood was telling you something, it wanted to be a bowl! And it is one great looking bowl at that. The wood is perfect. Very nice blowup


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    That is a sweet peice of wood.

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    Gorgeous piece of wood and nice save too.

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    Mistake??? what mistake??? i wish all my mistakes turned out like that. beautiful wood!!!
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    OMG that is some beautiful wood - and even though you wanted it to be an HF, it obviously wanted to be a bowl===and a beautiful bowl it turned out to be.

    Good job!!!!
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    Wow, wood like that needs to be seen from the inside and the outside. The bowl is beautiful. If you have any more of that you might want to send it my way so it doesn't blow out on you again.......


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