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Thread: Question about Year branding iron

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    Question about Year branding iron

    I have an electric branding iron that my wife purchased at Lee Valley a few years ago with the text "HANDCRAFTED BY FRANK PELLOW". I did not use it much for several years but recently I have used it a lot. Here is a link to the branding irons sold by Lee Valley:,43456,43462

    I would like to burn the current year at the same time but
    Lee Valley does not carry a 'year' branding iron. However Woodcraft in the USA lists this attachment ( that I think would fit the iron that I have. If anyone has experience with this attachment, I would appreciate hearing from them.
    Cheers, Frank

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    Mine is the electric iron, from Rocklers, but it looks like the same one LV is selling. The date kit from woodcraft looks like that same one, too.

    As the pic sort of implies, it 'saddle clamps' over the shaft for the iron, and has the changeable numbers. Mine is now on its thrid year, and although I don't use it a whole lot, it works quite well.

    If the clamp will fit, it'd be a worthwhile addition.
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    I am pretty sure they are the same iron. It should fit with no problem.

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    Branding Iron - with date

    I have the one from Rockler with the date.

    Torch heated.

    I have used it since about 2003 or 2004.

    Works just fine.

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