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Thread: Thoughts and Prayers for a Family Member

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    Thumbs up Thoughts and Prayers for a Family Member

    In our fairly short time here as a group, I've been very fortunate to make some good friends, and to have a very good time, the vast majority of the time

    Recently I got a PM from Tony Baideme in Hawaii. Tony had some bad news........

    Quote Originally Posted by Tony Baideme
    I was diagnosed with stage 2 prostate cancer. It has been found to have spread outside the prostate and into some lymph nodes. This seems to have developed over just several months, after it was discovered that my prostate was hard on one side and PSA tests were elevated.
    Tony goes in for his operation on the 6th of October.

    Tony and I have been PMing back and forth, and I've convinced him to share this hard news with all of you, for a couple reasons, first, if it gets even one of you off your tush to get checked for this form of cancer it will have been worth it (I get check yearly and have been doing so since I was 40) the second reason is that I truly believe the saying "With friends, joy is multiplied and sorrow divided."

    I'd like to ask for your thoughts and prayers for Tony and his Family.

    Tony you know you have mine and Emiko's thoughts and prayers, we will be all waiting for you when you get through this and can get back to us.

    Positive attitude and know we are all pulling for you.

    Stu & Emiko
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    hang tough tony! thoughts for the best.
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    I'm with you here. My prayers are for you Tony...

    One note, A lot of Hype has been spread for women and their p;light with Breast Cancer but little is known of Prostrate Cancer and you will find more men with PC than women with BC but the women have pushed for the hype. we as men need to join in and address this issue with as much vigor as the women.

    Tony, I feel for you and hope you pull through this set back
    We all know that this can happen to us but we ignore the warning. Perhaps this string will make those of us who are too modist to discuss this problem with their doctors (or those who refuse to go to Dr.s ) wake up and smell the coffee.

    Tonight when I do my vespers, I will mention you in my prayers and pray all is well on your recovery.

    God Bless and keep you. (even if you are fortunate to live in Paradise)

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    Very best wishes, thoughts and prayers for you Tony. Take care, and keep of the best medicines there is.

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    Prayers going up, Tony. Be well. David also had PC two years ago - had the radioactive seed implants and is now cancer-free (thank the good Lord). Your Stage 2 is a little further along, but there is always treatment - fortunately, PC is a very slow-growing type of cancer and imminently treatable. You will be in my prayers.
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    Tony ,

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    God speed .

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    We definitely will keep you in our prayers for a full recovery. Keep the faith Bro.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greg Cook View Post
    Very best wishes, thoughts and prayers for you Tony. Take care, and keep of the best medicines there is.
    Ditto here, especially the comments about keeping a positive attitude.
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    Our best thoughts are with you. Doorlink and I have both gotten through our bouts with similar things, so far... ... and I have some older family members who have gotten though exactly what you're going through, so take heart!

    As for the rest of you, get off your you know what's and get tested! We ain't gettin any younger!



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