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Thread: It's been awhile!

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    It's been awhile!

    well i finally got to do something in my workshop. thanks to my friend grizzz for building my workbench (pics to follow when it's completely done) but for now it's definitely useable). this is my first attempt at making bottle stoppers. i welcome all comments and suggestions. thanks for looking.
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    Looks great. stoppers are hard for me to dang many designs to choose from.

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    Lookin' good, Joan. Fun, ain't it?
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    Yep, those look great, I've not done the cork ones yet, did you use a dowel in them?

    Nice work!
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    Looks good Joan! Stoppers are fun, there are limitless possibilities. And they're fun to drop into Christmas stockings!
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    Well Chuck, I agree with you as far as the designs. That almost stopped me because I didn't know where to begin. I never fully understood what they meant when they turned a bowl and said that the design comes to you. All I did was start and the wood basically helped make the design. I started with an idea but it revolved from there.

    Stuart, I used a bag of pre-made ridged dowels and a bag of corks that I purchased at Rockler for pennies. It was alot easier and less expensive than the metal stoppers, which of course they will probably last alot longer and look alot more professional than the cork ones but my friends and family are still at the impressed stage of my woodturning abilities so they love them.
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    Nice stoppers Joan! Glad to hear you are having fun turning! Just make sure you don't turn a bowl or heaven forbid - a hollow form! - cause then you are hooked for life!!!

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    Great looking stoppers. Glad to hear you are having fun.
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