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Thread: spider bite, bad news

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    spider bite, bad news

    A friend of mine from my church was bitten by a Brown Recluse spider about two months ago. He was first treated at the local hospital. Then they sent him to a specialist in Springfield, MO. Apparently unable to help him there, they sent him to another specialist in St. Louis, MO.
    His wound is still very large and healing very-very slowly, if at all. He has suffered tremendously. His heart and general health have been affected. A regular guy, not normally emotional, he broke down and cried while relating his experience to me.
    It all started after he was doing some yard work, came in, cleaned up then put his socks and shoes back on. He noticed a very tiny spot on the back of his ankle with an equally tiny drop of blood and gave it no concern at all.
    Later, the trouble started.
    He is retirement age and with the heart being affected, this could have been fatal. Sadly, he isn't out of the woods yet.
    I understand that Brown Recluse can be found in any home and we don't encounter them very often simply because they are reclusive.
    I didn't realize just how dangerous they can be.
    From now on, I'm going to spray where they might hide and be very-very careful about putting on shoes and boots they might be hiding in.
    We are praying for him. It could be any of us. Tomorrow is not promised.

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    yup your absolutly right frank they are mean critters and the outcome is very bad always.. i have good friend in mississippi the his dad got bit by one on the wrist at the age of 71,.took him two years toget fully healed... its get alot worse befoe it gets better tna then there is usually skin graftin next.. they are very tough to get rid of you never know where to look.
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    I was bitten on the right wrist by one. It took 2 operations to finally get past it, but other than a scar, there are no lasting effects. I went to several doctors also until I saw a plastic surgeon. He was the right guy to see. It was much worse than the rattlesnake bite on my left hand.

    I will be praying for your friend. I hope he gets past this.

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    I've heard awful things about brown recluse spiders, and the very thought of one just terrifies me. I don't like spiders anyway, and this one ranks up there with cobras and grizzly bears on my do-not-like-and-avoid-at-all-costs list.

    I'll be praying for your friend, Frank. I know that things like this can really wear on a person--I don't blame him for breaking down.
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    Yes, they are bad. I may have related this story before, can't remember. A couple years ago at Thanksgiving, my Dad was starting to part out his tools and wanted me to have his RAS. He was showing me what all accessories he had for it, had me pick up a box, open, get item out. I felt something on the back of my left hand, and by reflex, shook it off. My Dad reaches over with his shoe, steps on something on the floor, pivots his foot, and said: "Oh, that was a bad one. Shake the box and I bet her mate comes out." I said "What?" I never saw what was on my hand. Yes, a Brown Recluse. Sure glad this was before lunch, as I would have really messed up a decent RAS. Almost did anyway. Sure enough, the mate came out and floated to the floor. He was already dead and dried up. That encounter was too close for me. Hope to never have another.
    Frank, prayers said for your friend. Hope he starts to heal a little faster. Jim.
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    My prayers are with your friend. I can only imagine what he may be going through.


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    You guys ever hear of using Hedge Apples (Osage Orange Fruit) to rid of Spiders. Yes it works. Simply take a ripe Osage orange and place it in a pie pan under the bed, will run them away. I did some research on the matter. It seems that the reason spiders come into the home is to find a happy place to spend the winter. They don't like the smell of Osage Orange fruit so they don't bother to stay. (find another happy place)

    From a small child I have always known of Hedge Apples under the bed but until lately I didn't know why. Just something you do.... BTW if you don't put them on a plate or piepan, they will stain the floor.

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    Where can I get some of those apples, Bill? They don't grow in Arizona. But the spiders do.

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    Treatment for Brown Recluse/other Spider Bites

    The best Known treatment for Brown Recluse (& other Spider Bites) may be a surprise to you, but it is the stuff used for Diaper Rash, called "Desitin". As soon as you know you have been bitten rub some on the bite and continue to do so twice or more a day until it is cleared up. It is VERY effective, and I have met three people that have used it starting several weeks after the bite and in one case a couple of Months after the bite. All three had been under the treatment of a doctor or doctors without results (except for getting worse) and all three said that they started getting good results in less than a week and rapidly progressed to full healing.

    I can personally attest to it working since I was bitten during the night and didn't realize what had happened for about 36 hours and then started using the Desitin and it never got worse and was gone in a few days. Needless to say, we have kept a tube in the medicine drawer all the time since then.

    Try it if you get ANY kind of poisonous insect bite and I'll bet you will pass the info along to all your friends. Apparently it has some ingredients in it that draws the toxins out of the body.

    I hope your friend gets better Frank.
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    spider bite, bad news

    Frank, My thoughts to your friend too. I can't imagianr how he must be suffering with that. Hope he comes through allright.

    Nancy, I'm with you on avoiding spiders at all costs.

    Aloha, Tony
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