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Thread: Purchased some Alder yesterday

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    Purchased some Alder yesterday

    From the local lumber yard whew $5.07 per board foot.

    Oh well onto my question in the lumberyard the Alder was stored inside in an area where they have 2 big door open all day & it is unheated & about 50-60 degrees & my shop is around 60 degrees do you think I could go ahead & mill it with in a little over 24 hours? In the past I have waited 1-2 weeks but would like to get started sooner.

    I have jointed one edge on 3 of the 4 pieces the 4th I'll need to straight line rip just a little off & then joint the edge.

    I did get a little better quality material this time than I did last time, there was a little more to choose from & I was able to pick & choose.

    This is another project for my Dad. I wish & had the patience to learn Sketch Up, Oh well I broke out the drawing board T-square & triangle & drew up the basic face frame configuration & wrote in the measurements for it & the cabinet boxes.
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    cut it bart.......alder`s pretty stable and the temperture makes no difference as to how the wood behaves (unless it`s in excess of 350)
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    I agree, there seems to be a bigger problem when we drasticly change storage. In the summer you grab a load from an AC building and take it home in the back of a hot truck. Its hot, your tired so you go in for a frosty refreshment and "I'll unload it later" Truck load of boat keels when you return.

    A local Hardwood supply has indoor storage and in the AC (Not just the BORG but a Real WWing Supplier. All well and good but rapid changing in climate when you transport. Not only in summer but winter as well as it is warm storage. with these conditions you will need to acclimate to the surroundings but I think In your discription a short ride to similar surroundings doesn't require a long adjustment period. Not like the "Jet Lag" of the other conditions I discribed

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    Let me know if you ever make it down this far (Puyallup) and I can show you a place where you can get Alder for either $1, $2 or $3/bf depending on quality/grade.

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