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Thread: Need help finding...

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    Need help finding...

    Need help finding something. I am again working on the restoration of an Antique Woodbody Car. Trim was held on with Ovalhead Brass screws (not a problem) and they were set in small cup washers to prevent them from working their way too deep or waller out the holes under constant vibrations. I can't seem to find these washers although I know they are out there but where, was hoping some of you guys have run across them Here is a crude drawing of what I am looking for.... thanks and hope you can help.

    Thought maybe they might be in some Marine supply but no luck yet, perhaps if I knew the real name of them it would help in the research... Any help appreciated.

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    My first place to look for uncommon items like that is VanDykes restorations.

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    Don't know of a supplier Bill...but try searching for "cone" washers. Cup washers, basically sit on the surface...cone type sit as you indicate on your sketch.

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    wish I could help with a source, but 'crude' doesn't apply to that sketch. Nice job!

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    Just like them except in Brass. Thanks Jeff...

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    Depending on how many you need, they might be easy enough to make. Get a nice piece of maple or some other hardwood and go ahead and drill the proper sized hole and counter sink to fit the cone washer, then make a punch on the lathe with another stick of maple to match the cone and even leave a "guide" on the front of the punch the size of the drilled clearance hole. Unless you get a very thick brass washer, it should be easy to form a bunch of them in a short time.

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    Great idea Royce.

    Oh yeah, welcome to the Family

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    Thanks guys for all the suggestions, I went with :

    Seems they have just the thing But it is chrome over brass but $5+ per hundred. and I can use the electroplating process to Un-chrome or simply sand the chrome off on the top with some fine w/d paper.

    My thanks to all the fellows who did some research for me and made my task easier. Several had good ideas and I appreciate each and every one of them. Really makes you think what a treat it is to belong to such a forum.

    Thanks again....

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    Try here ...

    Check Lee Valley for Countersunk Washers, item numbers 01K70.01 through .03. They are slightly different, but I think they would work.

    The Lee Valley hardware catalog showed up today and these were spotted as I was paging through.

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