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Thread: Fireplace fodder

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    Fireplace fodder

    Well it wasn't all bad, but this walnut box is destined for particulate matter. Everything was going well until my turning A.D.D. (from making 15 minute pens) got the best of me. The lid was dry fitted and was a bit tight and cock-eyed. It wouldn't come off so I gave it a mallet adjustment and did some touch-up finish work but no real sanding. The lid was happy where it was so a screwdriver was added. I think I took off about 1/100 to much when I touched up the receiver on the box. The tenon is still in place in the pic's. Thanks to all of you for your suggestions, I used all of them. Have at it.
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    Sorry to see it didn't work out as planned, Jim. Since I've not turned any boxes, I can't offer any suggestions, but I've blown a few pieces, so I can at least empathize.
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    Too Bad, Looks like you had a really nice thing going there!

    Any chance at salvaging it?
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    I'm thinking it's possible Brent. It's kinda open grain american walnut so it's a bit soft on the ends. I have some idea's to save it but thoughts are going to a fresh one in the morning.
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    Jim - my thoughts are that you can save this if you use sharp tools and take your time when making the cuts. You've gone this far - finish it! At the very least it will be a learning experience. One of the hardest things to remember when it comes to turning is - it is just wood! Have fun with it and learn from it!

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    Jim sharpen your tools and finish it. I think it could be saved easily. Like Steve said it is just wood and if you learn something from this experience you are ahead of the game. I am not going to tell you how many boxes I ruined or almost gave up on. Looking forward to your next one which will be better.
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    I vote for finishing it. At worst put it aside for a while and one day months later you may look at it and say"OH!! I see how to fix it." That is how it works around my shop. I have halfdones everywhere.
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    I agree I vote that you should finish it. Put it aside for a while then when less agrieved have another go at finishing it.

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