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Thread: Mini review of the squeezer clamp set on sale at Lee Valley

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    Mini review of the squeezer clamp set on sale at Lee Valley

    Until October the 26th, Lee Valley has a set of four "squeezer" clamps on sale for $85 (Canadian). Two are 450 milimetres long and two are 600 milimetres long. (that is close to 18 inches and 24 inches)

    Here is link to the sale page:

    I picked up a set early this morning and have used then already for a glue up.

    Here are some comments:

    • They are no-name clamps made in Taiwan.
    • The quality seems to be OK, not great but OK. The aluminum is cast aluminum which I found in the past not to be as durable as extruded aliminum.
    • I like the ability to be able to dial-in the pressure.
    • When clamping using the maximum pressure, they can be hard to open. It would be better if they had an opening lever similar to those on vise grips -but they do not. But, I have a lot of strength in my hands, so I can cope with this.
    • I measured with a set of calipers the maximum distance that a clamp can move when it is tightened and that distance is only 8.7 milimetres (or about 1/3 of a inch). I would prefer twice that distance, but it will be sufficient for most of the tasks in which I want to employ these clamps.
    • I might even purchase a pair of the 6 inch clamps.
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    Cheers, Frank

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    Thank you Frank. I was wondering about those.
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