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Thread: Electric violin plans?

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    Electric violin plans?

    For some reason I have the itch to make an electric violin. Any ideas on where to find plans? I watched a guy make one on How It's Made, but the DVR box cut me off before I saw the end.


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    Grizzly makes a kit.

    And a plan is here.

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    Did a search for electric violin plans and lots came up. This link seems cover it all from plans to kits


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    Sounds like a fun project.

    I've made a few ukulele's, a mandolin, and a 'backpacking' classical guitar.

    There is something really satisfying about creating an instrument that actually works! Is a great place to get all the little 'fiddly' bits you might need...
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    Great sight Brent, I have an old hollow body electric in need of some repair. Have to pull it out and see what I can find there for it


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