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Thread: My Mission Bed

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    My Mission Bed

    Here is a bed I finished, you may remember the original thread, I just never posted any finished results.

    Here some pics of my finished Queen size Mission Bed. This is my first piece of furniture and the largest piece that I have done. Was interesting maneuvering some of those long pieces around the basement shop but it worked out. Just glad most my tools are on wheels.

    This first one is of the footboard

    This second one is the headboard

    This just a pic of the side rail and slats

    This is a shot of one of the corners

    Blow up of the corner

    Thanks for looking
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    Very nice, Well done!
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    You can't see it from there, but I'm green.

    You rock! Nice work!
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    Great job Aaron . I remember your original post and was courious on the final product. Really came out well. I just purchased the plans for the same frame as few weeks ago and some year plan to build. nice to know someone here who has built one for my many up comming questions


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    Great job, Aaron. I look forward to seeing more of your work in the future!
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    Hey Aaron, that looks great, and honestly, I'm not a big "Mission" fan, but that certainly is VERY nice.

    Bed Bolts, nice and solid!
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    Very nice work. What was your finish?
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    Already comming up with questions. I was going to ask how you handled the corner posts. Then...........I get sorta smart and go thru your older posts and you have already gone thru that pays to backtrack some times, so thanks for your older posts also


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    neat looking piece, nice all the way around.

    thankyou for posting the pictures.

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    That came out looking great, Aaron. I took the liberty of adding a link in your post above to help folks find your original thread.
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