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Thread: New Yankee Workshop recreated in Lego

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    New Yankee Workshop recreated in Lego

    Pretty cool recreation. Enjoy!

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    That is cool Ned, thanks for sharing.

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    That is just too cool!

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    Cool stuff. This guy did a thorough job, that's for sure. Not sure I understand the fascination for building with Legos, but then again, some other people don't understand some of my hobbies, either.

    OT but related...I was at a computer trade show a few years ago, and one of the booths had a professional Lego builder making the company's logo with Legos. I watched him for a while and told him I liked his work. He kind of grunted back at me in response. He was gluing each piece in place with a thin, clear glue, so just for conversation, I asked if he was using CA glue. Barely looking up, he icily said "Trade secret." Like I was gonna run off with his secret of sticking plastic bricks together with instant glue and make millions.
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