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Thread: WTB: Porter Cable or Harbor Freight HVLP Gun

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    WTB: Porter Cable or Harbor Freight HVLP Gun

    I'm looking for either a Porter Cable PSH-1 or an older Harbor Freight 43430 as a second gun. If the latter, I'm looking for one that has the hanging hook on the top separate from the body casting, which isn't what's currently available in stores. Either must be in good condition, no missing parts, well maintained, etc. New PSH-1's can be had from Amazon with free shipping for about $90 and 43430's ran about $40 new on sale so price for a used one including shipping must be commensurate. With the cup and maybe the regulator unscrewed from the body they would easily fit in a smaller flat rate Priority Mail box so shipping should run $11 or less with insurance.

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    try tyler tool they were cheaper there the last time i looked..psh1
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