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Thread: CyanoAcrylate Glue - Removal

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    CyanoAcrylate Glue - Removal

    Not sure where this belonged, but just wanted to share a tip about using CA glue.

    I know I should use gloves, but sometimes (Like when gluing up inlaid pen blanks) I find that the gloves stick to what I'm gluing and just makes things difficult.

    So Quite often i get my fingers covered in CA glue. What I've found works pretty good to get rid of it is just plain old lubriderm hand lotion.

    My wife keeps some in the kitchen and for some reason I tried some of it when I had my hands especially glued up. It beats the heck out of washing my hands in Acetone and just kind of makes the CA peel off.
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    Thanks for the tip, Brent. I've used acetone, but it's not good stuff to be soaking in.
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