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Thread: Honey Locust Crotch Hollow Form

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    Honey Locust Crotch Hollow Form

    This is some honey locust I got from Chuck Beland in a wood swap. The prettiest piece of honey locust I've ever turned, it has some nice stuff going on in the grain. It's about 5 1/2" tall and 7" wide, finished with Antique Oil and 3-wheel buffed. This was some hard stuff once it dried, and I ended up leaving the walls a bit thicker than I wanted towards the bottom, since I was getting tired of fighting it. (Plus, I knew Chuck would have a fit if I blew up this piece.)

    I went for something a bit different from my norm for the's not perfect but I'm not too ashamed of it either. May not be your cup o' tea, but LOML really likes it.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Comment are welcome as always -
    When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro. - Hunter S. Thompson
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    Vaughn, that is one stunning piece. You know that is my cup o tea. The figure in that is just....oh man. I love it!
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    Great as usual and that wood is to die for. What did you swap for it ---- GOLD??? Even so, I think it was a fair trade!
    Lee Laird
    Austin TX

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    Vaughn That is one nice looking HF the shape suits the wood and the grain
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    That is a beautiful form and execution on the Gleditsia triacanthos Vaughn, man-oh-man do you do nice work!

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    Vaughn my jaw is on the floor that hf is beautiful thanks for sharing
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    You know, Vaughn. I spent all day yesterday explaining how hollow forms don't really have a practical application beyond just being beautiful and unusual. Most of those who were asking left my booth still not grasping the concept that it was purely art...even at an "art" festival.

    Somehow, though, I don't think anyone would confuse that Honey Locust piece with anything but art. It's gorgeous, the wood is absolutely spectacular and the form is, well, artistic. It is reminiscent to me of David Ellsworth's stuff.

    Ya done good, dude.

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    Those are fantastic Vaughn, however I got a question, and excuse my ignorance about turning.

    Having that small opening for turning the inner void must be difficult even with the proper tools, and getting rid of the shavings even more because I think that they won't just fall out from it so easily, or so I think.

    How do you manage that? Just stopping and blowing inside?
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    Great looking piece Vaughn. Love the form and wood.

    Toni I use a small hoe I made of copper pipe to get the chips out and then blow the dust out.
    Bernie W.

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    Very Nice!

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