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Thread: Delta belt problem

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    Angry Delta belt problem

    A couple of years ago I brought a secondhand Delta 36-600 table saw. I had to replace the small timing belt between the motor and the blade arbor when I got it. I have just lost the drive again and found the belt shreaded. I have not used the saw on a daily basis and felt this was not a very long life. As the saw reaches full speed in about half a second, there is a lot of load on this small belt.
    My question is, should the saw accelerate at this speed, and is this the life I should expect from the belt.


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    not up tp speed on your saw but i can suggest with great sucess the RED link belts they are good belt for tsaw elimante vibration and can be made to fit anything,,
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    Second the link belts. Made the vibration go away and has been on the saw for 10 years. I have an older blue Jet contractor saw.


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    dallas, a link belt will not fit on your saw, check pulley alignment when installing your next belt and keep your eyes open for a true contractors saw if you like the size and portability of the one you`re using? a true contractors saw will have a motor hanging behind the saw on a hinge and the weight of the motor will tension the belt.
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    I'm with Tod. Alignment is the only thing I can think of that might shred that belt.
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