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Thread: This is some nice Oak!

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    This is some nice Oak!

    I am not typically a big fan of oak. Most the oak I see today other than quarter sawn is just not a pretty oak. Well to me, I know others will disagree with me.

    I mentioned a while back I had an very old store/Post office on the corner of my property that is about to fall in. The attic had some oak boards in the rafters that were used for storage I assume. I pulled one out and cleaned it up and was amazed at grain. I stored them in the barn as they are rough cut 3/4 think so they finish very thin. I have a project I am working on now that they are perfect for. Here are some I just planed prepping for use. I am just amazed by the grain! I am making a gift for my FIL and he just loves oak, so he will love this wood.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Looks nice. Is it red or white?
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    Well... I don't know. But I am leaning toward white oak. I am guessing it was cut 50+ years ago.

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    They look like white oak from here. They will make some nice boxes. Congrats on the find.

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