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Thread: Other turning firsts for me . . .

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    Other turning firsts for me . . .

    Our local woodturning club has a President's Challenge every other month. Our challenge for this month is ring holders. Thought I'd try a few. Gonna try a couple of other different styles also.

    First is a spalted hackberry bowl with a bloodwood spire. Finished with a couple of coats of BLO then a finish made up of equal parts of DNA, BLO, and clear shellac.

    Next is a bowl of tulip popular with a mahogany spire. Finished with a wipe on poly.

    Another tulip popular bowl with a holly spire. Bowl is finished with the 3 part finish mentioned above and the spire is finished with a wipe on poly.

    Lastly, for the Local #44 Christmas pparty, we are turening tops for the kids. Here is my first and I plan on doing several more. This one is ambrosia maple with BLO finish.

    Here it is in action . . .

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    Very cool, Greg. I haven't tried any ring holders, but I've made a few tops to give away to kids at art shows.
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    Way to go Greg, looks like you are having a great time!

    You always seem to have such nice wood to work with as well
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    Looks good they are fun I made these for the women in my family for X-Mas last year.

    Click the pic for full size.

    I wanted to make a bigger bowl so they could use it for ear rings & bracelets etc...

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    Greg great looking pieces. Looks like you are having a great time turning.
    Bernie W.

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    Chuck, those are awesome!! What type of finish did you use? Poly?

    Bernie, Thanks! I am enjoying myself very much. For many years I airbrushed (t-shirts, cars, motorcycle, and such) as an avenue for my creativity. I started turning pens around 3 years ago but one can only get so creative with them. I really like the freedom with larger turnings. Right now my only turning limitation is my little Wilton mini lathe.

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