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Thread: Edom Festival of the Arts Report

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    Edom Festival of the Arts Report

    Well, my first show is history and I'm greatly encouraged by the results. I had invited a turning buddy to share a booth with me (and split the $200 entry fee) and over the two day festival, we did over $2000 in business.

    He had one table selling primarily wine bottle stoppers, ceiling fan pulls and pens. (the bottle stoppers went like hotcakes at $17 each, especially the first day).

    I had two tables set up with bowls, hollow forms, vases, lidded boxes and even some small Hickory 'shrooms. The bowls sold the best. I think I only sold two vases and a couple of lidded boxes. The shrooms all sold at $5 each (my inexpensive items). I also had some antler and Mesquite Americana pen/pencil sets that didn't sell at all. That really surprised me.

    Saturday there were tons of people there the entire day...10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Today there weren't as many folks but still a good crowd for the 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. show period. I did about half as much business today as Saturday.

    The weather could not have been better with sunshine, a low of 50 deg. and a high around 75 deg. with low humidity. I took down a bunch of notes for things to do differently/better at future shows and really had a great time as the wife went with me. She enjoyed the experience immensely.

    Best of all, she didn't bat an eye when I started talking about upgrading my lathe this spring (to a PM 3520B). She was more impressed with the take than I was...and I was pretty happy.

    Now, I've got to start replenishing my inventory. I swapped a couple of bowls, an antler pen/pencil set and a hollow form to a friend of the wife's who promised me some wood in return. The friend called a few minutes ago and they already have me a large Cherry burl waiting for me to pick up.

    Life is extremely good!

    Okay, Okay, here's some pics. LOL

    L-R, me, my wife and my friend "Boodrow" at early set-up
    Me and Boodrow with our wares
    Me, looking glum for some reason...probably because of the pic
    Boodrow with a couple of patrons in the background
    A ~30" diameter Pecan tree near our booth that had a burled trunk. I told the show promoter that if it ever died or blew over to call me...I wanted it!
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    That is great to hear Cody!!! CONGRATS

    Got any pics of your set-up??????????????
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    Congrats Cody on a great weekend. Sounds like a PM is in your future.
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    Cody good to hear that some people somewhere in your fine country still appreciate handmade quality work

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    Congrats, Cody! I had a suspicion you'd do well.
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    Congrats Cody!! Judging by the stuff you post here, there was never any doubt. Keep those spirits up and get turnin'
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    must be some of the oil profits!

    are filtering back your way cody! glad you done so well...many many years agao i had booth for leather craft and the littel stuff soldlike hotcakes i stayed after the closing on both days just to take care of the back orders..the beter half was sellun then faster than i could make them. good luck on your next adventure
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    Congrats Cody! Looks like you had a great time, made some $$ and you were able to take the success and snowball it into an nod for a PM from the "boss"....yeah that sounds like a good day.
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    Hey Cody, You Rock! Nice take for the time invested. Maybe you could take some of Vaughn's work on consignment since the people coming to his shows seem a little less, um, generous.
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    Congrats, Cody! Given the quality of your work, I'm not in the least bit surprised that you did well.

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