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Thread: A few "as is" shop shots

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    A few "as is" shop shots

    Hello Everyone
    As promised in Stu's "Had a family visitor" thread, here are a few pics of my work space, now that I've figured out how to post them. Let there be no accusations that I tidied up for the photos.
    The barn is an arched-roofed structure, approx 50'x50', built in 1915. The heated shop area is 14'x29', converted from the original horse stable. Our livestock are now housed in the renovated walk-out basement.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	barn floor area, overhead south view 640.jpg 
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    This is an overhead view of the main barn floor area, 14' x 50', mostly 14' high. I could build a boat in there! As you see, when you have a big barn, it fills up with stuff.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	northwest view 640.jpg 
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    This is northwest view of the shop itself, with short-term lumber storage, mitre saw stand, router table and planer. There's a whole winter's worth of work in progress as well as a long list of shop projects everywhere I look.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	south wall 640.jpg 
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    This is a temporary south wall, with the electrical sub-panel, 4800w heater and an elegant Japanese come-along/conversation piece.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	workbench area 640.jpg 
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    The workbench is a former cafeteria food prep table. Glued-up maple top, stainless steel base, about 400lbs. Needs a nice Lee Valley twin-screw vise (on the list).

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Adirondack chairs, Aug 2008 640.jpg 
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    Here's some of last summer's output. My wife said it looked like a waiting room. These are built on the Lee Valley plan, of eastern cedar.

    Thanks for looking! I'll post some "cleaned up" shots later on. Any organizational suggestions are most welcome.


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    Man, I'd love to have that kind of space. Thanks for the pictures, Peter. Is it difficult to keep it heated in the winter? Looking at the first pic, the walls looks a bit drafty.
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    Thanks Vaughn.
    I don't actually try to heat that area in the first pic, but, in our climate it's comfortably usable for 8-9 months of the year, or longer if you have a really dusty job to do and put on your insulated coveralls It was actually my main work space for the first few years we were here, but I found as I got older I was less and less productive on those -25C nights in January
    The area shown in the rest of the shots is really quite easy to heat (about $2/day), due to 8" walls and a trainload of insulation. The door behind the workbench gets sealed up with Tyvek and styrofoam for the winter (soon).

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    Boy, now I'm really envious of your space

    Tons of insulation, what was it you said your wife called it, your "R2000 Shop"

    if you have a really dusty job to do and put on your insulated coveralls
    Boy that could be a lead in to "You know you are Canadian if you..........

    Great job on posting pics about your shop, now we are just waiting on the pics of your house

    Built in the 1840's, I think you said, should be interesting to say the least!
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    apperently your shop is in the basement section of the barn??? and the upstairs is used for the hay storage.. looks like your making the most of what you have there and are keeping things running smoothly..that hot dog heater is gonna be a good investment for sure and your bench isnt going anywhere that is one this top and steel legs to boot
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    The shop looks great Peter - even if its not 'cleaned up'! Thanks for posting these.
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    The shop looks great. I figured out I would never get a shop tour posted if I didn't just step back and start shooting. Nice job and thanks for sharing. I think we all like looking at each others shop space.
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