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Thread: What I did on my Sunday afternoon.....

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    What I did on my Sunday afternoon.....

    My daughter and I are heading out to Texas in about a week for a vacation and I wanted to bring a little something with us, since we're staying with friends. I figured pens were small and easy to pack. It's been so long since I made any pens I almost forgot how to put them together : The first one is made out of yellow heart, next is rosewood, the blue one is acrylic (for a teenage boy) and last is tulip wood. Thanks for looking. Any comments or suggestions welcomed!!
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 10-19-08 004, yellow heart pen, glass.jpg   10-19-08 007, tulip pen, 2.jpg   10-19-08 008, rosewood pen.jpg   10-19-08 013 acrylic, 2.jpg  
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    Nicely done, Joan, I'd say the tulip wood one is my favorite of the bunch, but I'm sure they'll all be appreciated gifts.
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    Very nice work Joan, I think the tulip is my favorite as well.

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    Yep, those will be well received, and I too like the Tulip wood, great job!
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    I like them all...

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    What kit is that? I thought they were slims at first but the center band isn't like any I've seen before. They all look great and will make your hosts really glad you came. I'm just curious about the band.

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    Very thoughtful Joan. Did you manage to complete those all in one afternoon? I have never made a pen so I dont know how long it takes. They look real good and I can just see the younster bragging with his pen to all his mates. Great gifts.

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    Great looking pens. I like all of them.
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    Nice pens Joan! I am sure they will be appreciated! I like the variety of forms and colors!

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    Thanks everyone for looking and for your comments. They did only take an afternoon to start and finish and probably most turners could do it even quicker then I can.

    The kit that I used is from Rockler, 7mm Black Titanium Ballpoint Pen kit #21023. It is a slimline pen using the same bushings. I liked it because it was the titanium and the little extra design rings in the middle. Rockler here in South Portland, Maine is having a hugh weekend event this weekend and their turning blanks are 50% off. I plan on picking up a bunch of blanks and kits to go along with them.
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