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Thread: Ci2 Mini Review

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    Ci2 Mini Review

    Simply put, I LOVE it

    I got a box in the mail from Craig a while back, but I was VERY busy renovating one of our older apartments, I was under the gun too, as my SIL was needing it to move into, I was working 9AM to 3:30PM at the renovation and then 4:30PM to 1 AM at the liquor shop. I did not have time to even think about turning

    Then on the 27th of September, I fractured my ankle and I've been laid up for three weeks

    I got the go ahead to start walking on the leg on Thursday, and over the weekend I've put a few miles on, slowly.

    Tonight, I went down into the Dungeon and I got the Ci2 out of the box, and took it for a test drive.

    First impressions, it certainly is the little brother to the Ci1, definite family resemblance

    Yep, sure looks like the larger Ci1

    One quick thing I found out, is that the threaded knob that comes with the deflector shield does NOT reach far enough to clamp the shield onto the smaller Ci2 shaft, but I over came that by putting another bolt in the opposite side of the clamp block, and there was even a threaded hole there waiting for the new bolt

    I used the Ci2 to rough out a green Oak blank, the blank was a little over 9" in diameter.

    The wood flew fast and furiously, and if I wanted to take a really big bite, I could still stall my DVR 3000, but it was more of a job than doing it with the Ci1 tool.

    I did notice that you have to be a bit more careful with the overhang on the tool rest, with the 1/2" square shaft of the bigger Ci1, you could cheat a bit and not worry about a 1" overhang, not recommended, but you did not have to move the tool rest nearly as often, I found with the thinner shaft of the Ci2, you really want to be diligent about moving the tool rest as close as possible, that said, this is not a big factor, as you should be moving you tool rest constantly, just I could notice some flex in the shaft, where as the larger Ci1 had no noticeable flex.

    I would have taken more pictures, but my battery in my camera died

    Well, that is about is, for now, I'm very sure that I'm going to like this tool a lot, and if you have a smaller lathe, I think this would be the tool you would want, over the Ci1, the Ci1 is a MONSTER, it hogs off wood like crazy but you really do need a large an powerful lathe to run it, IMHO. The Ci2 is better suited to a smaller lathe. I think roughing out a 6" or an 8" bowl on most smaller lathes, this tool would really excel.

    Now even if I had a larger lathe, I'd still want both, as I can see all sorts of uses for the smaller tool.

    Craig, thanks so much for sending me this great tool to evaluate, I'll be sure to get more up as I use it more, and I'll try for a YouTube video as well.

    I did not say so earlier, but the fit and finish on the this tool is certainly up the fit and finish on the Ci1, which means it is VERY good, some of the best tools you will ever see or use, IMHO.

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    Excellent review Stuart and glad you are back on your feet. I can't say enough about the Ci1, but it nice to see a bit smaller tool.

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    Thanks for the review Stu. Heal quickly.
    Bernie W.

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    Glad to see you got some Dungeon time, Stu. The Ci2 looks like a good baby brother to the Ci1.
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    Neat. What are the sizes of the cutters on each?
    Glad to see you back in action. Ankle injuries are painful and slow healers. Been there, done that. Not fun.

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    Got a very nice E-mail from Craig and Donna letting me know of a special on the Ci2. As shown in this post and others on the site, Craig's Easy Rougher is a serious tool for removing large quantiles of wood quickly.

    The E-mail Follows:

    Thank you for your past business!!

    We wanted to let you know about our latest tool addition in time for CHRISTMAS.

    Introducing the Ci2 Easy Rougher mini, from Easy Wood Tools.

    Check it out at:

    FREE Two spare inserts and a replacement screw with orders placed before December 18!

    Merry Christmas,
    Craig and Donna Jackson

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